A few months ago, I decided that I need to make a concerted effort to spend time with my 6 year old son Dylan. I have been very busy with work (like most of us) and my relationship with my first born was becoming stained. With the weather turning cold, Dylan and I discussed several cooperative indoor activities that we could do together, each night. After several minutes of heated debate (focused on the value of playing Madden 25, vs building Legos), we unanimously decided to build Legos. As we spread the multi colored plastic bricks on the table, we began to build two independent structures. My building looked like a single wide trailer while Dylan’s began to resemble a Frank Lloyd Wright structure. “Dada we need to connect the houses, that way we can still see each other” Dylan said, in his very matter of fact manner.

Based on the vast differences in height between both structures we decided that a bridge would be the best option. After 5 minutes of rushed construction, the bridge was revealed to the public. Dylan’s side of the bridge looked incredibly strong, conversely my portion of the bridge made Indiana Jones bridges look like the Brooklyn Bridge. We begin to walk our Lego people over the bridge. To my great shock, my side of the bridge came crashing to the plastic ground. While looking over the plastic carnage, I decided this would be the perfect time to turn this event in to a prolific father and son moment. I pronounced, “It is not how many times the bridge falls over, it if we learned from it and will build it better the next time”. Dylan replied and “we can do anything if we do it with passion.”

Life can get congested with work and responsibilities but we need to remember to ground ourselves with love and passion. Bring these qualities into your life’s work and watch the results blossom. We are all made to accomplish great feats, what separates the successes and the failures is passion. If you do not have passion in your life’s work then spend time finding it. This will immediately impact your overall quality of life.